The Detroit College Promise has registered 10,000 Detroit Public School students for its district-wide program


Contact: Nat Pernick, M.D., office: 248/646-3269




15 November 2010


The Detroit College Promise has now registered 10,000 Detroit Public School (DPS) students for its incentive scholarship program, including 3,000 seniors.  The only requirements are enrollment in DPS and living in Detroit.


The deadline for high school students to register is December 1, 2010.  For younger students, the deadline is December 1 of their 9th grade year.  The current registration focus is on high school students.  In early 2011, the focus will shift to registering K-8 students. 


Students can register online or by filling out a one page paper application.  Information is available at, or by calling 248/646-3269.


Students who register are sent monthly information about scholarships, financial aid, and programs by community organizations that help prepare them for college.  In grade 9, they receive a scholarship certificate, letters of encouragement from President Obama, DPS alumni and others, and college-related gifts.  Upon graduation, they are eligible for a scholarship and a gift package.  The scholarship award for the class of 2010 was $500 for one year (4 years for Cody students).  The award for the class of 2011 will be announced in February 2011.


The Detroit College Promise is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization, based on the Kalamazoo Promise.  Its mission is to repopulate Detroit and promote its economic development, and to return DPS to its era of greatness by offering a financial incentive to families, in the form of a college scholarship, just for living in Detroit and enrolling in DPS.  It began with a pilot program at Cody High School for the class of 2009, expanded to 6 DPS high schools with the class of 2010, and now covers all DPS high schools beginning with the class of 2011.