Nat Pernick, M.D.

Executive Director

The Detroit College Promise

30100 Telegraph Road, Suite 408

Bingham Farms, MI 48025


Telephone: 248/646-3269





The Detroit College Promise announces

the registration of over 2300 students for

The Detroit College Promise Scholarship program


24 May 2010:  The Detroit College Promise, a tax exempt nonprofit modeled on the Kalamazoo Promise, announces that it has now registered over 2,300 Detroit Public School (DPS) high school students for its scholarship program.  As of today, there were 2315 students registered, with 40 or more students registered at 17 DPS high schools.  The Detroit College Promise anticipates registering over 5,000 students by the December 1, 2010 deadline.  Students can register online at in a simple 2 minute process, or by completing a one page application available on the website.  The current number of scholarship applicants per school is posted on the organization's website under News, or by clicking here.


“Our scholarship is unique in that 8th and 9th graders, by filling out our application, take their first step in planning to go to college”, said Dr. Nat Pernick, Executive Director.  After students register, they receive a scholarship certificate, to serve as a physical reminder that others are helping them go to college and that it is possible for them to do so.  They also receive Letters of Encouragement, written by Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh; State Representative Alma Wheeler Smith; University of Michigan-Dearborn Chancellor Daniel Little; US Assistant Secretary of Education Alberto Retana, as well as from DPS alumni and others worldwide (including from Montreal, Columbia, Israel and Sweden) who recognize the value of a college education. 


Unlike other scholarships, which reward academic achievement by those already planning to attend college, The Detroit College Promise scholarship is “place-based”, which means it is offered to all students who live in Detroit, graduate from DPS, and complete the simple paperwork.  There are no academic requirements, no essays to complete and no recommendations to submit.  Students do NOT compete with each other for the scholarship.  The goal is to motivate all DPS students to stay in school, work harder academically and attend college.  The monetary incentive of the scholarships may also encourage parents to come back to DPS or move into Detroit, as has occurred in Kalamazoo.


“When a student makes the commitment to sign up for our scholarship/college incentive program, we want them to feel the positive impact of their decision, so that we can build on that experience” said Ulana Kushner, Development Officer.  “We provide them a monthly newsletter, which describes our scholarship, other scholarships, financial aid, mentoring and leadership programs.” 


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