The Detroit College Promise Launches Annual Drive to Raise Scholarship Dollars


Bingham Farms, Michigan – November 10, 2009 - The Detroit College Promise launched its first Annual Drive with a goal of two million dollars.  This will allow the organization to broaden its efforts from a pilot program at Cody and Douglass High Schools in Detroit to a “scholarship promise” for all Detroit Public Schools, and expand the challenge to all DPS students to try harder, study more, and plan for their future.


The scholarship is introduced in the beginning of the ninth grade.  Students fill out a simple online application and are given a certificate of award during ninth grade and subsequent years.  The funds are provided upon successful completion of high school and acceptance into a Michigan public college or university.   From the time a student enrolls in the program until they graduate, students and their parents / guardians receive a monthly newsletter with information, support materials, timelines and incentives for academic achievement and college preparation.  Support staff work with the school and are available to answer questions, make presentations and assist in filling out forms, applications and FAFSA financial aid packages. 


Scholarship recipients are required to submit the FAFSA application.  As a result, more than twenty dollars are leveraged for every scholarship dollar spent. The scholarship funds are sent directly to the institution and are available for ten years after high school graduation, to accommodate students who delay their studies due to financial or family constraints.    


Each gift of $2000 supports one student in the Detroit College Promise program, at $500 per year for four years.   


The Detroit College Promise is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization modeled on the well known and successful “Kalamazoo Promise”.  Its goal is to raise the expectation that every student in the Detroit Public Schools can go to college and provide the resources by which this can become a reality.  As a result, it will help revitalize Detroit, its public school system and the regional economy.


More information is available at  Donations are accepted online (click here) or by mail to The Detroit College Promise, 30100 Telegraph Road, Suite 408, Bingham Farms, MI 48025.  For questions or additional information, contact Ulana Kushner, Development Coordinator, at 248.646.3269 or email at