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The Detroit College Promise announces receipt of 113 scholarship applications from Cody High School Seniors


19 January 2009:  The Detroit College Promise, a nonprofit modeled on the Kalamazoo Promise, has now received 113 applications for its college tuition scholarships from seniors at Cody High School in Detroit, making it the second largest scholarship program for Detroit students (after The Detroit Compact).


The one page scholarship application is available online (click here for the application form and here for the scholarship acceptance form).  All students enrolled at Cody and living in Detroit continuously from 12/1/2008 thru graduation are eligible. 


The Detroit College Promise has developed a plan that provides substantial college tuition assistance to Cody seniors attending a Michigan public college or university.  It requires applicants to fill out the FAFSA financial aid form and provides assistance in doing so, assists students in obtaining other financial aid, helps families file necessary tax returns, and is working with Michigan’s public colleges and universities to reduce tuition costs for Cody students.  In addition, The Detroit College Promise has sufficient funds to pay at least $500 of each student’s tuition balance, after application of federal, state and college grants.


Johnathon Matthews, Principal at Frank Cody High School indicated, “The young people of the Cody Rouge community are filled with talent and promise, what many lack is hope.  By eliminating the finance barrier, this program unlocks the unlimited potential of our youth."


Dr. Nat Pernick, Executive Director, indicated that “we are trying to change the culture at Cody, so that all students are prepared mentally, academically and financially to go to college.”


The goal of The Detroit College Promise is to provide scholarships to every Detroit Public School student.  It aims to improve the Detroit Public Schools by encouraging DPS parents and students to plan for a college education, and encouraging parents with college aspirations for their children to move into Detroit and the Detroit Public Schools.  All administrative costs are currently being paid by its sponsoring business,, Inc., which means that 100% of donations are used for scholarships.



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