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The Detroit College Promise   

Awards Scholarships to

77 Detroit Public School students


Media Release:  18 July 2013 - for immediate release 

Contact:  Nat Pernick, M.D., Executive Director, 248/646-3269

Email:  NatPernick@Hotmail.com

Website:  www.DetroitCollegePromise.org


The Detroit College Promise announces that it will be awarding

77 scholarships, ranging from $150 to $600, and totaling $33,380, to 77 Detroit Public School graduates for the 2013-14 college year.  All of these students were Detroit residents, and will be attending a Michigan public college or university in the fall.  The names of the students, their high schools, year of graduation and college/university attending are posted at


The 77 students graduated from 13 DPS high schools.  The top 3 DPS high schools students attended are: Cass Technical High School (36 students), Renaissance High School (21 students), and Communication and Media Arts High School (5 students).  
These students will be attending 11 of Michigan's 15 public universities, and 2 community colleges.  The top 3 universities students will attend are: Michigan State University (17 students), University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (16 students), and Wayne State University (12 students).  A summary of the totals is available at http://www.detroitcollegepromise.com/2013highschoolandcollege.pdf.

Some of these students were recently honored by Detroit City Council President Saunteel Jenkins and the City Council with Spirit of Detroit awards, see


The Detroit College Promise is a tax exempt Michigan charity, whose mission is to motivate Detroit students to make education a priority.  Its long term vision is to strengthen the Detroit Public Schools, not only to help the students, but to increase Detroit's population and improve the local economy.






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