The Detroit College Promise is registering ninth grade students

in the Detroit Public Schools


Contact: Nat Pernick, M.D., Executive Director, 248/646-3269




10 October 2011


The Detroit College Promise, a tax exempt nonprofit based on the Kalamazoo Promise, is visiting all 33 DPS high schools and using volunteers to sign up as many 9th graders in the Detroit Public Schools as possible for The Detroit College Promise scholarship, before the December 1, 2011 deadline.  Students register by either completing a one page form (available at or online. 


Last year, 2311 students registered, and this year, to date, 1500 students have registered.  In the spring, students who register and live in Detroit will receive a Scholarship Certificate, to motivate them to stay in school and be the best student they can be.  They also receive letters of encouragement from President Obama and others.  A college / career expo and reception is also planned for these students in the spring. Students who provide an email address also receive monthly email newsletters with information about financial aid, other scholarships, and educational programs by other community organizations.


The Detroit College Promise has a mission of strengthening the Detroit Public Schools and help to repopulate Detroit, by offering a financial incentive to students, in the form of a scholarship, just for living in Detroit and graduating from a DPS school.  For the current college term, 159 DPS graduates have "claimed" scholarships totaling $45,000, and are receiving $1.4 million in grants from all sources. Students can register beginning in kindergarten and through December 1 of grade 9.


Parents, students or those interested can contact The Detroit College Promise at 248/646-3269 or visit



Nat Pernick, M.D.
Executive Director
The Detroit College Promise
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