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“You are doing wonderful things for the children of Detroit; making a real difference. Some people ‘talk the talk’ but you ‘walk the walk’”.  Richard Cooper, President, MBA Consultants, LLC, 6 September 2010


“I also feel honored and humbled by having worked with you and your organization. Keep on doing the great things you've been doing for the children of Detroit.” – Ms. G, DPS staff, 4 June 2010


“Thank you Dr. Pernick...We all appreciate the time and effort you have
put forth for us and our children.”  Mr. B, 21 July 2009


“Let me thank you for working on behalf of the students of the Detroit Public Schools.”  Mr. C, 12 July 2009


“Thank you for your total support and all that you have done for Cody and all DPS students.”  Ms. G, DPS staff, 17 May 2009