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October 2011


This is our monthly email providing important information for Detroit Public School students, parents, teachers and staff, and others interested in preparing Detroit students for college.  Please forward this email to your friends and social networks.     



Attention: Seniors

In January, we will start sending seniors more information about the next steps they have to take in the scholarship process.  Seniors must send us three forms:

  • A high school transcript (to confirm that they are attending a DPS school)
  • A completed scholarship acceptance form (click here)
  • A financial aid award letter from the college / university they will be attending.

For examples of what award letters look like click here, or here.


imeTime is Running Out For 9th Graders!


Complete the online Detroit College Promise application form by clicking on the Student Login button on our website. This should be done by December 1, 2011 for all students in grades 9.  Students in K-8 should complete the scholarship as soon as possible. Online application instructions are here. Paper applications are here. 


cholars2011-2012 DCP Scholars


Click here for a list of the 159 DCP Scholars for the 2011-2012 college year. 




Congratulations to Amanie McGee, Cass Tech class of 2011, for submitting our favorite testimonial, and winning a $25 CVS gift card:

Paying for college is one of the most important, as well as most cumbersome aspects of a student's life. I lost a lot of hair during my final year of high school, but one of the things that kept me going was knowing I would receive a scholarship from The Detroit College Promise. This scholarship will come in handy during my first year of college at Central Michigan University this fall, and it will no doubt continue to support the hard working students in Detroit. I am so proud to be one of the first students to receive this scholarship, and be given the chance to witness its growth.

As a student, I hear the word "scholarships" more than any other vocabulary word, but what sets the Detroit College Promise Scholarship apart from the rest is the ambition of the program. The monthly newsletters have always been informational and optimistic; they keep everyone up to date on the program, telling how many students are enrolled, and they show how the program is growing and will continue to grow. I support this program and its efforts because it is working hard to support students who work hard and deserve to go to college. No matter the cost of tuition in the future, I know The Detroit College Promise Scholarship Program will help DPS students overcome any financial adversity and help give them the future they deserve.

Thank you so much for pioneering this program, and helping me and so many other students!






Do You Have Any Questions? 

We have updated our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page, click here.




Scholarship Resources 


Remember to check out our Detroit Scholarships Page listed on our website. This page lists college or university scholarships intended for or particularly well suited for Detroit residents.  They may also be available to students living outside of Detroit. You can also consult your high school counselor or college financial aid office for other possibilities. 





ive back

Inspire Other Students


Are you a DPS graduate who received our scholarship? We are looking for graduates to come back to their schools and speak to students about college.  If you are interested in doing this call us at 248-646-3269.



ealthSchool Based Health Centers  


School-Based Health Centers sponsored by Henry Ford Health System are the place for teenagers and young adults to go for health problems big or small! The Henry Ford Health System School-Based Health Initiative believes that both mental and physical health are essential for a student's success. Their health centers strive to provide complete, confidential health services that will meet the needs of students in an atmosphere that is caring and provides mutual respect. These school-based clinics offer a general medical program that includes services such as diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, injuries and diseases, health assessments, immunizations, and many more. They also provide services for behavioral health, and health education.  


All services are confidential and are offered for a low cost or no charge. All students are eligible to receive health care regardless of their insurance situation.  The health center accepts all insurances.  Third party insurance will be billed for appropriate services through the School-Community Health Alliance of Michigan billing service. For a list of school based clinics click here or call 313-843-1398.  



Empowering Adolescent Girls By Building Character And Confidence One School At A Time 


Sisters Inspiring Sisters Mentoring Group brings female college students with an interest in social work in connection with female high school students in Detroit. They are dedicated to ensuring that the youth in Detroit are not forgotten in a school system that is less than perfect. Their organization provides schools with mentors, tutors and community leaders that engage students in an after school program. If you would like to become a participating school, contact them at 313 283-8887.




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