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May 2011


This is our monthly email providing important information for Detroit Public School students, parents, teachers and staff, and others interested in preparing Detroit students for college.  Please forward this email to your friends and social networks. We are happy to announce that we have signed up over 16,000 DPS students, including over 4,000 seniors.


We ARE Giving Out Scholarship Money! So Get Your Paperwork In Too!

We just released the names of the 33 students who received scholarships in the 2010-2011 college year. The total average grant amount received per student was $5,000 for community college students and $10,000 for university students.  For the class of 2011, the Detroit College Promise is offering scholarships at all DPS high schools, and anticipates awarding scholarships to 300-500 students in the 2011-2012 college academic year.  The total amount of grants from all sources for these students is projected to be $3 to $4 million So make sure you turn in your paperwork. 



ont Forget  


Remember We Need Your Paperwork To Give You A Scholarship 


Once you have completed the FAFSA form, we need the following from you in order to receive a scholarship:


The Detroit College Promise Acceptance Form 

When you have decided on what college or university to attend, complete the Detroit College Promise scholarship acceptance form (click here), and mail, fax or email both the scholarship acceptance form AND the financial aid package from the college you will be attending to us. We also need a recent transcript showing that you are attending a DPS school. 


Your financial aid package letter 

Once a college has accepted you, they will send you a financial aid package, which indicates what grants you, will receive.  You need to send this information to us.  Our fax # is 248-646-3119, you can mail it to us at the address below, or you can email it to us at


ummer in the CitySummer In The City 2011 Is Near!

Providing high school students with a fun, flexible and fulfilling way to give back to the community, Summer in the City is a non-profit organization designed to improve and expand community service throughout Detroit. Activities include art projects, sports and field trips. Volunteers need to register online, (click here) but can work as little as one day or as much as eight weeks. Students receive community service credit for their participation. Summer in the City 2011 will run Tuesday through Friday from June 21 through August 12. A $25 registration fee is requested to help cover program expenses, however the fee can be waived at the participant's request. Summer in the City has more than 30 staff members who manage volunteers, keep carpool and worksites operating efficiently and handle daily business operations. For more information, click here or call 248-790-1000.


outh Detroit


Earn While You Learn   

YouthBuild Detroit is a full-time, 10-month educational and training program.  You must successfully complete a three week orientation, "Mental Toughness," before you can be officially enrolled in the program.  A small stipend is paid to students who are accepted into the program. In addition, about half of the enrollees in the YouthBuild Detroit program have an opportunity to serve as AmeriCorps members simultaneously.  The hours that members contribute to building housing is counted as community service, which upon completion entitles them to an educational award, which can be used to attend college, university, or other accredited post-secondary education.

YouthBuild may be the place for you if you:
- Live in Detroit
- Are between the ages of 18 and 24
- Did not complete high school or obtain a GED
- Have a low income or are unemployed
- Want to study to successfully complete the GED examination
- Want to learn about the construction trades
- Would like to give back to your community by building homes for low-income families

Orientation and entrance TABE (tests of adult basic education) testing for YouthBuild Detroit is held every Monday and Friday at 12:30pm at Young Detroit Builders - Learning Center, 1627 West Lafayette Blvd, Detroit, MI 48216.


No appointment is needed, but please click here to make sure that testing has not been canceled. For more information, call them at (313) 964-2763 or email 


egister Now 

K-8 Students, Make Sure You Are Registered And Help Push Your School To The Top Of The List 


As summer approaches, the race is on to see what school will get the most registrations in. Our goal is to register all DPS K-8 students.  Students can sign up online by visiting, then click on Student Login in the upper right hand corner, then click on New Student Signup towards the bottom, then fill in the form, then click Save.  Students can also complete our one page application at  If you don't have an email address, simply enter "none." You can create a user ID by using your first and last name.  


We have now signed up over 3600 K-8 students.  The totals for schools that have registered at least 50 students as of 5/25/2011 are:

Durfee Elementary School


DSA-Duke Ellington


Earhart Middle School


Dixon Elementary School


Carver Elementary School


White Elementary School


Greenfield Union


Ann Arbor Trail Magnet


Garvey Academy


MacDowell Elementary


Foreign Language/FLIC


Beckham Academy


Dossin Elementary School


Ludington Magnet


Sampson Academy


Note: we are in the process of processing applications from several schools.  All new totals will appear in the next newsletter. 


ummer campPeace Camp Offers Kids Two Weeks Of Fun In The City 


Children in grades 1-5 can attend a two week Peace Camp over the summer. The purpose of the camp is to gather children from the city, rural areas and the suburbs to have a great time in downtown Detroit. There is a registration fee of $15, but there is no tuition fee. The camp runs from June 27 through July 8, 2011; from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Call (313) 961-4533   ext.  31   for   information and  applications.




outhwest solutions

Take Advantage Of Free Training Programs For Parents And Kids


Southwest Counseling Solutions has served the southwest Detroit community since 1970. Last year, they helped more than 3,700 individuals and families improve their lives through their four Centers of Excellence: Adult Counseling Services; Family Literacy; Youth, Children and Families; and Supportive Housing. Southwest Early Learning Communities (ELC) program is located at five different sites in Detroit. All sites provide an ongoing quality improvement program for early care and education providers. Parents, care providers and early childhood professionals can attend trainings and use the lending library on site.

Southwest Early Learning Communities (ELC) provide free training and resources to parents and caregivers so that they can prepare children to be "ready to learn" when the children enter school. The ELC hub:

  • Promotes child development and early literacy
  • Mentors and supports parents, family members, friends and neighbors who care for young children
  • Gives lessons in health, safety, nutrition, conflict resolution, child development, and learning through play
  • Includes a lending library that offers educational materials that can be taken home
  • Provides incentives and free childcare for those attending the training sessions

The sessions are conducted in both English and Spanish. Free trainings are available during the day or the evening, allowing participants to find a time that suits their schedule. The ELC Incentive Program allows caregivers to earn points for participating in ELC events. The points earned can be redeemed for gift cards or professional development op­portunities to help participants advance their childcare skills. Caregivers can start redeeming points after attending just one or two trainings.

To learn more about the Southwest ELC program, contact Anita Caref at 313.896.2800 or email her.   

The Early Childhood & Family Literacy main office is located at 7060 McGraw Street, Detroit, MI 48210 (in the former rectory of St. Andrew Church). For more information about any of their programs and how to enroll, please contact them at 313-896-2800.  



omework alertDo Your Homework!


Nicholas Aggor, former engineer and now publisher of Math textbooks at has written a short article, "The Importance of a Homework Schedule", click here to read it.


est PrepThe Last ACT Test Date Is Near

The final ACT test date is June 11, 2011. You can view sample questions as well as how to prepare for the test online at test prep. 

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