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February 2011


This is our monthly email providing important information for Detroit Public School students, parents, teachers and staff, and others interested in preparing Detroit students for college.  Please forward this email to your friends and social networks. We are happy to announce that we have signed up over 14,500 DPS students including over 4,000 seniors.


Don't get depressed about the "doom and gloom" predictions for DPS.  We are working with many people on different strategies to make DPS a stronger school system, and are optimistic about its future.  Our mission is, in effect, to give incentives to those who believe.  We hope to soon announce incentives, in the form of scholarships, of up to $10,000 per student, just for living in Detroit, being enrolled in DPS and registering on time.  Instead of upset or frustrated, volunteer to help us! 

FAFSA Deadline approaching

Seniors, if you haven't started, it's time to work on your FAFSA. Completion of the FAFSA form ( is required to receive money from our scholarship program. It should be completed online by February 28, if possible.  Some colleges award generous grants, but only if the FAFSA is completed on time.  After March 1, less scholarship money is available. More information about financial aid is available from the Michigan Student Financial Aid Association, and Edu-Guide (







Attention Students Who Have Filled Out the FAFSA Form


For those students who have completed the FAFSA form, remember we need the following from you in order to receive a scholarship:


  • Once you have been accepted by a college, they will send you a financial aid package which indicates what grants you will receive.  You need to send this information to us.  Our fax # is 248-646-3119, you can mail it to us at the address below, or you can email it to us at
  • When you have decided on what college or university to attend, complete the Detroit College Promise scholarship acceptance form (click here), and mail, fax or email both the scholarship acceptance form AND the financial aid package from the college you will be attending to us. We also need an up to date transcript showing that you are attending a DPS school. 



Attention K-8 Students, Start Thinking About College Now!


We want to register all DPS K-8 students.  Students can sign up online by visiting, then click on Student Login in the upper right hand corner, then click on New Student Signup towards the bottom, then fill in the form, then click Save.  Students can also complete our one page application at  If you don't have an email address, simply enter "none." You can create a user ID by using your first and last name.  


We have now signed up over 1600 current K-8 students.  The totals for schools that have registered at least 25 students as of 2/15/2011 are:


Durfee Elementary School


Earhart Middle School


Dixon Elementary School


Sampson Academy


Ludington Magnet Middle


Brown, Ronald Academy


Garvey Academy


Phoenix Elementary


Schulze Elementary School



Congratulations to Durfee, Earhart and Dixon for registering over 200 students to date.



Award Amount To Be Announced in March or April For The Class of 2011

We plan to announce the scholarship award amount in March or April for the class of 2011 so stay tuned.


We Are Looking For More Stories About Your Schoolell us

We are looking for students to spread the word about good things that are happening at their school. If you are a student and have a positive story to share about a teacher, class, school activity, etc. write to us! You can email, 100-150 words on your good news story! We will publish your story in our general newsletter.


Why Do I Keep Getting Emails From The Detroit College Promise? 

Perhaps you are getting our emails every month and are wondering why. We use email to communicate news about our program.  You do not need an email to be enrolled in the program, but without getting our newsletter, you may not know what you need to do.  To opt out of receiving our emails, there is an opt out button at the top of the email, or you can send us an email letting us know you'd like to be removed form the list.




The purpose of the National Youth Summit in Washington,  D.C. is to galvanize youth and shape strategies that provide pathways for all youth to be on track to graduate from high school and go onto college. The summit will share what students have reported to date, provide students the opportunity to communicate their views and ideas directly to key stakeholders and allow students to begin planning ongoing youth led efforts, which will continue after the summit.


The Detroit Watch Party & Ice Breaker will provide an opportunity to have "Real-Talk" Youth Led Discussions and "One on One" dialog with current & recent college graduates who will share their experiences, challenges, and stories of success in college life. At the Party, there will be a virtual space for students to participate in the Education Policy Presentation which will be streamed live from Howard University in D.C. where youth and senior staff will have a dialogue on key policy solutions to help achieve the President's goal of high school graduation and college readiness for all.  


The National Youth Summit in Detroit will take place at noon on Saturday, February 26, 2011, at MSU Detroit Center - 3408 Woodward. For more information click here or call 313-444-0606.  



Detroit College Promise Tip of the Month!    

How long do students have to use The Detroit College Promise?


The scholarship is available for ten years following the student's graduation from Detroit Public Schools (example - for the graduating class of 2011, we pay for college classes through June 2021). 



CT LogoRegister for the ACT

If you have not yet registered for the ACT now is the time!

  Test Date                                    Registration Deadline                 (Late Fee Required)

April 9, 2011

      March 4, 2011

March 5 - 18, 2011

June 11, 2011

      May 6, 2011

May 7 - 20, 2011

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