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5 June 2009

This is our email providing important information to Detroit Public School (DPS) high school students, parents and other concerned adults about preparing for college.


Register today

The Detroit College Promise announces online registration for its scholarship program for all DPS high school students.  To register, visit www.DetroitCollegePromise.org, then click on Student Login, and follow the instructions.  Students need an email address for themselves and a “concerned adult”, but the process takes only a few minutes.  For the class of 2010, we are currently providing scholarships only at Cody and Frederick Douglass high schools.  We plan to expand the scholarships to other DPS high schools as quickly as possible.  Those registered will learn the details first, and will already be registered for the scholarship.  Students from the graduating class of 2010 must register by December 1, 2009 to be eligible for our scholarships.


We recommend that Cody seniors from the class of 2009 also register.



Summer athletic programs available

The Reggie McKenzie Foundation announces its 2009 summer athletic programs at Highland Park Community High School.  These free programs include Golf, Track & Field, Basketball and Football.  For more information, click here or here.  You can also call 313/869-8081.





Join our Facebook Group by clicking on http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=30427408205.   We will soon be adding pictures and discussion topics to this group.



Cody class of 2009 news

Our first scholarship class consists of 143 seniors from the Class of 2009 at Cody.  If you have not done so, you should send us your Scholarship Acceptance Form (click here) and the financial aid letter that you receive from the college or university that you will be attending.  We cannot give you a scholarship without these forms.  You can fax, mail or scan/email them to us.


Start preparing for the ACT

If you get a 21 or higher on the ACT at certain DPS high schools next year, you may be eligible for The Detroit Compact scholarship, which pays 100% of tuition at certain state universities.  In addition, we will be providing cash prizes, with more details to follow.  Even though school is ending this year, it’s time to think about doing a little better next year in your studies, to be eligible for these prizes, and to get into the best college possible.


Are your tax returns filed for 2009?

What do taxes have to do with attending college?  It turns out that to fill out the FAFSA form, which is required to receive financial aid, your parents have to complete tax returns.  Free help is provided by the Accounting Aid Society (click here).  Your parents may get money back from the State or Federal Government just by doing their taxes, so it is worth checking into.


How much financial aid can you get?

The Detroit College Promise is working hard to make sure that the high cost of tuition does not prevent you from attending college.  We will help you apply for financial aid, which is substantial for many DPS students.  To date, Cody students are receiving $6000 to $8000 per year in tuition related grants (gifts).  This pays most, if not all, of their tuition.  In addition, the Detroit College Promise will pay $500 per year towards tuition, if not paid completely by FAFSA related grants, for students at Cody or Douglass attending Michigan public colleges or universities.  We will highlight other scholarships in future newsletters.


Stick with DPS

There are a lot of good changes happening at DPS, including new school buildings, new principals and our Detroit College Promise scholarships.  Our scholarships require that (a) you attend a DPS high school the first week of classes this fall, and continue through graduation, or (b) you start 9th grade at a DPS high school during the first week of classes, and continue through graduation.  If you move back and forth between DPS and other schools, you will not be eligible for our scholarships.  It also hurts your studies if you move back and forth between high schools.


Contact us:  Please contact us with any questions.

Nat Pernick, M.D.
Executive Director
The Detroit College Promise
Telephone: 248/646-3269


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