The Importance of a Homework Schedule
by Nicholas Aggor
Math Teaching Series

Last revised 22 April 2011

Teachers control their classroom more effectively by constantly scheduling events in the classroom. Similarly parents can easily champion their children's education at home more effectively by establishing constant scheduling events such as homework and studies time. Parents can help their children to improve their math test scores with little or no knowledge in math but insisting on constant scheduling of academic events at home. For example, most students come home from school at about 4:00 PM and parents may give their children one hour to relax and play from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Students should begin doing their homework and studies from 5:00 PM every day. The schedule should be constant in order to put the student into auto-pilot state such that after about one month, the students will voluntarily keep the schedule.

Parents can make homework time, studies time and math practise time to be quality family time with fun by giving their children nurturing prompts at the beginning of the scheduling. The nurturing should include reminding the children that between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM is their free time to play and parents should praise their children when their children go according to the schedule. Students practise basketball in order to improve their basketball skills. Similarly, students can practise solving examples in their math textbooks in order to improve their problem solving skills. When students do their homework early or begin their studies early at about 5:00 PM, there is a high chance that the students can complete their homework and studies on time. I recommend that students should go to bed before 9:00 PM or at 9:00 PM so that students can be fresh in the classroom the next day to fully absorb and understand what will be taught. Understanding a concept from the classroom is critical so that students will not needlessly struggle with their math homework. Parents should prompt their children to go to bed by 9:00 PM and this should be a part of the critical parental responsibilities.

Parents can make the family quality time to be fun by allowing their children to grade the parents for parental responsibilities and parents can grade students on the effort being made by students home. This family grading system can be made into a daily score card as shown in Math Teaching Series for Students, Teachers and Parents for grades 5, 6, 7, 8 and algebra 1. I give permission to parents to make free copies from Math Teaching Series for practise at home and this can be found at I used the suggestions above for my two children who were bringing home bad grades in math and they were not permitted to attend regular class with their classmates. My children responded very well to the above methodology together with the Math Teaching Series as a resource math tool. My children progressed rapidly from the lowest performance level in grade 5 to regular class in grade 6, to advanced math class in grade 7, maintained the advanced class status in grade 8 and both of them scored the highest level in the MEAP. Today, my first son is admitted at the Wayne State University to study pre-medicine from this year and my second son also wants to study pre-medicine next year. Parents can effectively champion their kids education from the home and I wish your family the best. The grade a student receives from school is the grade received by the whole family, so, let us work together to help our kids.

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