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April 2015 


This is our monthly email providing important information for Detroit Public School students, parents, teachers and staff, and others interested in preparing Detroit students for college.  Please forward this email to your friends and social networks.      



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Detroit Public School Seniors
We are now accepting scholarship acceptance forms! This is your time to review the documents needed to claim The Detroit College Promise Scholarship.  Please visit our website and follow the Procedures listed:

Don't forget to get a copy of your DPS transcript!

You can mail, email, fax or drop off all documents needed until July 1st, 2015 at 5pm. We will not be able to accept any scholarship forms after July 1st.  

Transcript change for DCP Scholarship


One of the required documents that we need seniors to submit is their DPS transcript. The Scholarship Acceptance Form says that we either need their final transcript or their transcript that includes everything except the final term of their senior year + a copy of their diploma. 


The Change

We know that it can be difficult for seniors to obtain a final transcript or make a copy of their diploma once they graduate, so we will accept their transcript as long as it lists grades 9-11, plus the first term of their senior year. This means that seniors can get their transcript from their counselor NOW instead of waiting until after graduation! 


If a senior has all of their documents ready and knows where they're going to college, they can send in their acceptance form today! Either the senior or their parent/guardian must sign the scholarship acceptance form if they're not 18 yet.  


DCP News

(1) Thank you to our "Supporter", Quicken Loans for their generous grant to The Detroit College Promise. We appreciate their continued support of our organization.

(2) Thank you to the company 4imprint for their generous donations toward our scholarship reception raffle.

(3) Thank you to the Detroit Zoo for the Family 4 pack to be raffled off at our Scholar's Reception.

(3) We are planning our 2015 Scholar's reception for July and would like to give our scholars some great gifts and raffle prizes!  Do you or your company have anything to donate for approximately 50 students or something that we can raffle off as a prize?  Please contact Erin Thomas at or 248-646-3269 for more information.  You will be recognized in our Reception Program as well as in a slide show and on our website and email newsletter.

CAYF Scholarship booklet is available!
The Coleman A. Young Foundation (CAYF) has a great scholarship booklet posted on their website with over 70 pages of scholarships! Apply for a minimum of 10 scholarships! Click here to see their booklet.


Urban Solutions, Inc Scholarship deadline May 1st

Scholarships of $1000.00 and book awards of $500.00 will be given to graduating high school seniors, living in the City of Detroit, with demonstrated academic ability and community service. There are several scholarships available. Funds are distributed directly to the students who are selected to receive the scholarships. Scholarships will be granted based on the criteria listed here. Only one application is required for consideration of all applicable scholarships.


Mail or hand deliver material to Urban Solutions, Inc.,

269 Walker St. #124, Detroit, MI 48207 by May 1st. Please type or computer generate all information. Applications are available on their website at


FAFSA Workshops in the area 
Edison Branch Library will be offering help in filling out FAFSA on the third Wednesday of each month (through April) at 6:00 and the last Saturday of each month at 2:00.  For more information call (313) 481-1722.


Goodshop Marketing Materials

Be a part of shaping the future of Detroit students by making education a priority.  When you use the shopping portal to enter and purchase items at any of 5,000+ retail sties, Goodshop will donate to The Detroit College Promise money based on what you buy through this shopping portal! Go ahead and buy that flight + hotel package from Orbitz, running shoes from Adidas or custom-fit Polo shirts from Ralph Lauren. It doesn't matter what you buy through the portal, as every purchase generates a donation that will help students get the education they want and deserve. Get started raising funds and educating our future leaders by signing up, choosing The Detroit College Promise as your cause, and using Goodshop's portal when shopping online!

Goodsearch Link
Goodshop Link

Detroit Scholarship Fund
Preparing For College: Senior Checklist 
As high school seniors prepare to graduate and take on the challenges of higher education, there may be small but powerful things that they forget to add to their to-do list. Be sure to forward this list to students and families as another resource that can help them on their way.
  • Create a professional email address
    Many students underestimate how memorable email addresses are on resumes and applications.
  • Check email often
    Email is considered official communication for most schools. Students should check email as often as they check social media accounts.
  • Retake standardized exams, if necessary
    Studying for and retaking a standardized test could mean getting admitted to your top college choice or receiving scholarship offers
  • Refresh computer literacy skills
    Many students may be savvy when using social media, but may not understand the difference between a Google search and searching a specific website, or how to navigate useful programs such as Microsoft Excel. These are skills that will be needed in college and in the workplace. There are many YouTube videos showcasing how to get more out of computer use.
  • Speak up
    Students should begin contacting colleges and departments on their own so they know how to articulate and advocate for themselves. School personnel won't be present when students need help on campus, so they should start practicing now.
The Detroit Scholarship Fund team is available to help facilitate your preparation efforts in the classroom. Let us know how we can help by visiting   
If you have been using your Kroger Rewards Card to support the Detroit College Promise you must re-enroll each April, even if you just signed up in February or March. It's easy to re-enroll, just click here. Once you have logged in, simply click on the "Community Rewards" tab and click "edit".  Type in "Detroit College Promise,"  it will then allow you to select our organization.  If you have never registered your Kroger Card, click here for directions on how to make your shopping dollars work for a good cause!  


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