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August 2013


This is our monthly email providing important information for Detroit Public School students, parents, teachers and staff, and others interested in preparing Detroit students for college. We have combined our general and student newsletters into one monthly newsletter. Please forward this email to your friends and social networks.      



Enroll in DPS, Get a Scholarship!

By Dr. Nat Pernick, Executive Director  



We encourage all Detroit families to enroll their children in a DPS school, and to get involved in the school to make it the best it can be.  In my opinion, perhaps 80% of a child's education is determined by what we as parents do; the schools contribute only 20%.  As parents, we must tell our children how important education is.  We must make sure they go to school every day, on time, having done their homework.  We must attend school events and volunteer at the school, not just to help the school, but to show our children that we truly believe in the value of education.  Without our efforts, there is little the school can do.


The Detroit College Promise has an ambitious goal - to provide scholarships of up to $20,000 per student, starting with the class of 2026 (those attending kindergarten this fall), just for living in Detroit, attending DPS schools, and completing our simple paperwork on time. For the class of 2013, the maximum award was $600, so we have a lot of work to do.  But with your help, we will raise these funds, and restore the greatness of DPS.


Why is DPS so important?  What is our tentative plan for increasing scholarships?  Click for more details, and contact me with any questions.  

Recent and Upcoming Events
Some of our staff at the Greater Burnette Baptist Church Community Feast event

The Detroit College Promise had a table at the Arise Detroit Neighborhoods Day located at Greater Burnette Baptist Church on August 3 where we registered students for the scholarship and handed out prizes, including Kind bars. Look out for us at upcoming events similar to this one, such as the Healthy Living for Kids sponsored by Channel 7 on  
August 26 from 10 AM - 5 PM, to register for the scholarship, ask questions and meet some of our staff.  
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  The Detroit College Promise uses an email marketing program called Constant Contact to send out short emails and our monthly newsletters. This is how we keep subscribers updated with important news and deadlines pertaining to the scholarship. To make sure you are kept in the loop with new information and do not miss an important deadline for submitting paperwork, please do not opt out of receiving these emails. 

Financial Aid Made Easy for High School Students  
Finding financial aid can be a daunting task for many high school and college students. This process can be made much easier by using step-by-step guides such as this one at

This free, objective website provides a brief overview of what students can expect when seeking financial aid options and other helpful information relating to financial aid.   


Voting Gives Young People the Power to Change the World

By State Senator Vincent Gregory



The ability to vote is an important right that American citizens are awarded upon turning 18. The right to vote was fought for by many men and women before us, and it is the key piece of our democracy. I want to encourage all students to register to vote and exercise your right to have a say in your representative government in your city, your state and your country. The right to vote is a freedom far too many people around the world still do not have, and one that we should all cherish and respect. Your vote has the power to change the world and shape our future, but only if you use it. I hope each and every one of you will register to vote when you are eligible and weigh in on the important issues facing you today.


Click here for more information. 

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