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December 2012 


This is our monthly general email about The Detroit College Promise, whose mission is to motivate Detroit students to make education a priority.  We encourage all K-9 students in DPS to sign up today by visiting, then click on Student Login, then New Student sign-up.  If you are not part of DPS, now is the time to reconsider. 9th Grade Registration

The registration of Detroit Public School 9th grade students has been highly successful with over an 80% registration rate!  Along with this success comes many applications to input.  If you are interested in giving your time to help students take an important first step towards college by inputting their applications, please contact us at In February and March, we will award certificates to all registered 9th graders, ensuring that they have tangible hope of realizing their college dreams.

DetroitUnspun - The Detroit Regional News Hub

The Detroit Hub blog published an article titled, "Detroit College Promise Helps DPS Students Realize College Dreams." This article highlights our efforts to provide scholarships and support to the students of Detroit Public Schools.  It was published on November 15, 2012 and can be viewed


 Drive Contributors

Thank you very much for contributing to our annual drive:

IHC, now a "Supporter" ($5,000 or more)
- Anonymous, "Supporter"
- Jeff and Mary Pernick, "Believer" ($500 or more)
- Robin H. Sowell, in memory of Myzell Sowell, "Believer"

These contributions, as well as others, fund our scholarships, which motivate Detroit Public School students to be the best they can be. To contribute to our Annual Drive, click
here. Every penny contributed is used for scholarships to motivate our students to make education a priority (sponsors pay 100% of our overhead, including credit card fees).
Detroit Offers Promise Scholarships

CBS Detroit Local published an informative article on November 23, 2012 about The Detroit College Promise. This article explains that getting a scholarship is a simple and effective way to make education a priority.  It can be viewed



New Board Member - Claudette Smith, Ph.D.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest board member, Claudette Smith.  Dr. Smith has extensive experience in directing and managing nonprofit organizations.  She will be a valuable asset to the Detroit College Promise and we would like to extend our warmest welcome to her.


 Good of the Promise Extends Far Beyond Kalamazoo discussed the virtues of the Kalamazoo Promise.  Promise programs are much more than their scholarships.  They have the potential to propel education and communities forward.  View this article here.

Shopping Online This Holiday?


Will you be doing your holiday shopping through Use this link to visit Amazon,,

and will contribute 4-5% of your purchases to The Detroit College Promise.  This is an easy way to support The Detroit College Promise without costing you anything extra.  Every bit counts!

 Completed - Susan Steelmon

We would like to thank Ms. Steelmon for completing her internship with the Detroit College Promise.  She worked with us for four months and was available for any task at hand, including data entry and PR work at functions.  Currently she is pursuing her graduate degree in Behavioral Sciences and plans to continue her involvement with The Detroit College Promise.  Thanks for all your help, Sue!

Rust Belt Cities Combat Education Flight With a College Promise

Article 3 recently published an article about Promise programs in the Rust Belt.  This article provides an insightful description of the challenges facing education in the Rust Belt along with the capacity of Promise programs to instill hope in these areas.  It can be viewed











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