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October 2011


This is our monthly general email about The Detroit College Promise. For the class of 2011, we have 159 graduates who "claimed" their scholarship.  Our maximum award is $500 for 1 year, to be used at any Michigan public college or university.  We plan to increase the award to $500 for 2 years for the class of 2012.  We also help students obtain other grants - these graduates will receive $1.4 million in grants from all sources for their first year of college.


Help DPS students take the first steps to college, by helping those in grades K-9 to sign up today, by visiting, then click on Student Login, then New Student signup.   




Congratulations To The 2011-12 Scholars!

Click here for a list of the 159 DCP Scholars for the 2011-2012-college year.



aking a differenceDetroit College Promise Testimonials!

"I am new to the Detroit College Promise program but am very excited about the opportunities they present for my children ages 10 and 16. Through email contact I am aware of local community activities such as the Border Patrol Summer Program that was offered.  I felt this program was a great way to spark a child's interest in law enforcement and at the same time open up the opportunity to get off the streets.  I feel that an idle mind can become a mischievous mind, but with something positive to do that is new and exciting, might settle a child's feelings of boredom. 


I am thankful that i heard about the DCP program that day on MIx 92.3 here in Detroit because it lifted the burden off of my shoulder, I was searching for a line, a connection, a resource for my son to help him along the way.  I have found that in the Detroit College Promise."- Shagaria Stewart 



hats newWebsite Updates

We have updated our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page, click here


egister TodayDo You Know Any K-9 Students?

Help DPS students take the first steps to college, by helping those in grades K-9 to sign up today, by visiting, then click on Student Login, then New Student signup.




Thank You To The Following For Their Generous Contributions!   


Thanks to OpTech for their generous contribution.

Thanks to Regina Brodersen of the Robert & Bess Cook Foundation for their very generous contribution that will fund scholarships for Cass Tech graduates attending Michigan State University and the University of Michigan. 

Thanks to Peter and Martha Blom, two of our "Believers", for their generous contribution.


egistrations are upCollege Participation On The Rise


An article in the October 2010 issue of Postsecondary Education OPPORTUNITY discusses some good news in Michigan for low income families: 


Between FY 1999 and FY 2009 the college participation rate increased by 11.4 percentage points, from 28.1 to 39.5 percent. The current rate is the highest on record for Michigan. The surge has been especially pronounced since FY 2001 when it was just 22.7 percent. Over the last decade the number students in fourth to ninth grades has increased by 12.6 percent, the number of these who were from lower income families has increased by 34.3 percent, and the number enrolling in college with Pell Grants has increased by 88.8 percent.


Thanks to Ron Wilson of Eduguide for sending us the article. Visit for helpful information in preparing for college.


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Simply sign up online by filling out the short enrollment form on the links below. Meijer will send you a M-1 Rewards Card. You can use this card when you check out, and Meijer will designate a portion to us!  

Our organization code is #132628. This is important because you will need it when signing up for your rewards card.  Click here to sign up today! Click here for any questions you have about the program.  Note: this program only works with a Meijer credit card, cash or a debit card.  




Out And About

We appeared on Reverend Horace Sheffield's radio show on WGPR.


est scoresWhat Do Test Scores Really Tell Us?

How important are standardized test scores in evaluating our schools? Read the New York times article at or 


ommon Sense Media

Commonsense Media For Your Kids

Looking for a way to know which books will be interesting to your kids, but worried about whether the content is suitable? Commonsense Media, a non-profit, free website, features reviews of the latest books coming out, along with a rating of what age level the book will work for.

The site includes ratings for movies and other media, too. Check it out at this link.



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