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April 2011


This is our monthly email about The Detroit College Promise. We are still offering financial incentives in the form of scholarships to all current Detroit Public School students to attend Michigan public colleges and universities. The deadline of December 1 has passed for high school students, but K-8 students in DPS are welcome to sign up today (visit, then click on Student Login, then New student signup).  


ncStudents Need Encouragement Now More Than Ever

The Detroit College Promise has now launched its annual Letter of Encouragement campaign. The letters are being given to the 2,300 ninth grade students in the Detroit Public Schools who have registered with The Detroit College Promise.  The purpose is to give students a glimpse of what a professional life might be like, and to let them know that many successful people have had to overcome major challenges to succeed, similar to the challenges they face.  The Detroit College Promise is asking everyone in Southeast Michigan to show a Detroit Public School student that someone believes in them, by writing a Letter of Encouragement.  This includes elected officials, CEOs, professionals from all disciplines, DPS staff and alumni, and anyone with a passion for improving Detroit.  For more information, go to, and then click on Links.   Letters have already been written by President Obama, U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education Alberto Retana, Governor Granholm, and others.



Thank You For Endorsing Our Program!tamp of approval


Thanks to Rashida Tlaib, State Representative, 12th District, for endorsing our program.


Thanks to Kurt R. Metzger, Director, Data Driven Detroit, for endorsing our program.


Thanks to Congressman John Conyers Jr. for writing a Letter of Support on our behalf (click here).


Other endorsements are listed here.


The Detroit Lions and Detroit Pistons Donate To Our Senior Gift Packages

Thanks to the Detroit Lions for donating official NFL pens and pencils to give to our graduating seniors attending college next fall, as part of our gift package.

A big thank you to the Detroit Pistons for donating T shirts to our senior gift packages.

Just a reminder that we are always looking for items to include in our gift packs to seniors. If you know of anyone that has extra items they'd be willing to donate, please contact us. Items include T shirts or other clothing, gift cards, office supplies, electronics, or anything useful to new college students. We would be able to arrange a time to pick up any items that you have.





Remember, if you have been using your Kroger Rewards Card to support The Detroit College Promise you must re-enroll in April! It is easy to re-enroll, just click here. Once you have logged in, simply click on the "Community Rewards" tab.  Type in "Detroit College Promise,"  it will then allow you to select our organization.  If you have never registered your Kroger Card, click here for directions on how to make your shopping dollars work for a good cause! Feel free to contact Allison at with any questions.  We truly appreciate the time you take to do this, as it is helping us pay for more scholarships!  





Save The Date!alendar


The Skillman Foundation will host a 50th Anniversary themed Kids Matter Here Summit II on Saturday, April 30th at Ford Field.  The event will take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. There will be updates on the Good Neighborhoods and Good Schools programs. There will also be information on how to prepare your kids for college. For more information call 313-393-1185, or email





elp WantedWe Need Your Help!


Adopt a school

Participate in the PTA/LSCO, even if your children don't attend that school now. We believe that any school can be improved substantially if just 25 people are actively involved in its PTA/LSCO. We are particularly interested in parents becoming involved in grades K-8. Contact us for more information. 


Administrative/Office Help 

We have a need for help in the office sending out mailings as well as minor data entry and filing. Contact to set up a time if you're able to come to our office to help out. Workload varies so we ask that you email us before coming in! 



Help us set up a fundraising event with a group you currently work with such as a church or community group. We'd be happy to speak to the group as well - just contact us. We can allocate funds raised to students who graduated from a particular DPS high school, or students attending a particular Michigan public college or university.


Attend Events in the Community
There are several events that occur throughout the year that we could use help with. In Mid July/August we host a pizza party for seniors. We could also use assistance with career days, as well as various festivals that occur in the summer months.  


We send out a monthly Volunteer Newsletter highlighting various things we could use assistance on. We encourage you to sign up for that newsletter to keep up to date! To subscribe to this or any other newsletter click here.  


etters to the editor


Dr. Pernick's Response To The Renaissance Plan 2012  

In response to a Detroit Free Press editorial (click here, PDF), Dr. Pernick wrote a Letter to the Editor, published at link, PDF.




     VWhat's On TV


We have posted a recent segment from the Bloomfield Township Cable - County Corner show with host Oakland County Commissioner Marcia Gershenson and guests Dr. Nat Pernick and Johnathon Matthews (Principal, Cody APL High School) here is the link.




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