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January 2011


This is our monthly email about The Detroit College Promise. We now offer financial incentives in the form of scholarships to all current Detroit Public School students to attend Michigan public colleges and universities. The deadline of December 1 has passed for high school students, but K-8 students in DPS are welcome to sign up today (visit, then click on Student Login, then New student signup).


We Exceeded Our Registration Goals!

The Detroit College Promise has registered over 13,000 Detroit Public School students, including over 4,000 seniors, for its Kalamazoo Promise type program.  This is the first year the program was district-wide, and registration exceeded the goal of 5,000 students.  Other than registering by the deadline of December 1, 2010, the only requirements for its scholarships are that students attend a Detroit Public School and live in Detroit continuously from December 1, 2010 through graduation. Eight DPS high schools registered 80% or more of their students, including Cody-ACT, Cody-APL, Cody-DIT, Cody-MCH, Davis Aerospace, Northwestern, Osborn-College Prep and Osborn-MST.


ews2In The News

LaPrensa published an article about the success of our DPS high school registration.  Click
here to read the article.

USA today published an article about the Pittsburgh Promise, which is similar to our program, and inspiring students in their city.  Click here to read the article.


Get Started On Your Resolution To Get Fit With Us!

Detroit College Promise is planning on participating in the Champions for Charity Heart of a Spartan race. The tentative date is May 14, 2011.  We are planning on organizing a Detroit College Promise Team and hope you will join us in this fun event.  Stay tuned for more details as they become available.
Good Things Are Happening At Detroit Public Schools

Last month we asked students to email us stories about what makes their school special. This month, we'd like to highlight Cass Technical High School, for their commitment to diversity and inclusion:

"My name is Juned Ahmed and I am a senior at Cass Tech High School. Since last year, the school has allowed the Muslim students to make their (zhur) prayer during school hours. We are allowed to leave the classroom for fifteen minutes and complete our obligatory prayer. The school has given us this opportunity to practice our religion and I speak on behalf of all the Muslim students and would like to say that without the support of our school staff, this would not have been possible. Our deepest appreciation to all the staff at Cass Technical High School."


ccounting Aid Society 

Tax Time is Fast Approaching!


The deadline to fill out the FASFA is coming up fast. If you are the parent of a high school senior, we strongly encourage you to fill out your taxes early so that you will be able to fill out the FASFA.  There is a FREE tax center in your neighborhood!  Accounting Aid Society assists low to middle income households with local, state and federal tax filings and credits, including Earned Income Tax Credits, Homestead Property Tax Credits, Home Heating Credits and Child Tax Credits.


To find a tax center near you, click here or call (313) 556-1920.



Surf the Internet for a Good Cause!

What if The Detroit College Promise earned a donation every time you searched the Internet? Or how about if a percentage of every purchase you made online went to support our scholarships? Well, now it does.  Thanks to Yahoo, and all of you who have downloaded the Goodsearch toolbar, we have received our first payment by Goodsearch.  If you have not already done so, please download the toolbar by clicking on


eperatory theatreSave The Date!

Join Us For An Afternoon Out to Benefit The Detroit College Promise. The Kiwanis No 1 Foundation is holding a theatre fundraiser with proceeds to benefit The Detroit College Promise. The play is called A Lesson Before Dying, and is being shown at the Detroit Repertory Theater on Sunday, February 6th, at 2 PM. The cost of a ticket is $20.00 with all proceeds benefiting us. There are also Gold and Silver Sponsorship levels available for $100 and $50.  To purchase tickets, contact Jeanette Harris at 248-752-7147 or


Deadline is Approaching For Pathway To Excellence etroit parent network

If you have boys in grades 8 or 9 or know students in those grades, there is a great program being offered by The Detroit Parent Network called Pathway to ExcellenceThey have partnered with the Sigma Pi Phi/Iota Boulé to offer an exciting new leadership development program for African-American young men who aspire to careers in the business, legal and medical fields. The program begins January 29, 2010, but the application deadline is January 20.  Please visit the DPN website at

for more information or call Ken Coleman at 313/309-1463.



It Takes A Villageands

The goal of The Detroit College Promise is to strengthen the Detroit Public Schools and the City of Detroit. This is a grassroots effort that requires support from the entire community, so we are asking everyone to assist in this cause.  We are looking for students, parents, community leaders, and people in the community at large to help play a role in improving DPS. You can donate as little as $5 to our program by visiting our website and clicking on the Donate button at the bottom of the home page. If a monetary donation is not possible, we ask that you volunteer by doing one of the following:

  1. Volunteer with the PTA/LSCO at a school.  Attend meetings and become involved in the school activities.  If you don't have children in a K-12 school, "adopt a school" with some of your friends.  Just having 25 active members of a PTA will make every school much stronger.
  2. Pass out flyers to K-8 students or their parents.  The best flyer for them is on our Links page, under Flyers, called "Register Now" 
  3. Write a Letter of Encouragement about the importance of education for 9th grade DPS students who have applied for our scholarship, linksamples.
  4. Pass out flyers to members of your church or other organizations that may have parents / students in grades K-8.
  5. Help us collect items to give to graduating seniors.  These are usually new T-shirts or other clothing, movie passes / gift cards, office supplies, etc.  If you know someone who works in a business / organization that can donate these things, you can contact them.  We would be happy to speak to them also or to assist you, but it is helpful if the initial contact is someone they know.  We anticipate having gift packages for 300-500 seniors this year, but we don't have to have 500 of each item that is donated.



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