October 2010

This is our monthly email about The Detroit College Promise. We now offer financial incentives in the form of scholarships to all current Detroit Public School students to attend Michigan public colleges and universities, if they live in Detroit and register by December 1, 2010.


We Have Expanded

We now accept applications from all K-12 DPS students. To register, visit us online at, then click on the Student Login button, then click on New Student below and fill in the form.  Then click Save, and one of the other options. You can also click here to download an application.

In The News ews2

Frank Holland of Local 4 (WDIV) news did an extensive interview at Cody High School, and discussed the expansion of our program, video, link1, link2


The Detroit News wrote an article about the expansion of our program - link1, link2


Michigan Radio ran a segment about the expansion of our program - audio


humbs Up Endorsements

Thanks to the following for endorsing our program:

- Kenneth V. Cockrel, Jr., Council Member and former Mayor


Volunteers needed

We have been receiving applications faster than we can process them!  We are seeking volunteers who are proficient in typing, reading other people's handwriting and using the Internet to help input paper applications into our system. If you are interested, please call us at (248) 646-3269, or email us at



Your Shopping Dollars at Work 




Do you shop at  Use this link to visit Amazon,, and will contribute 4-5% of your purchases to The Detroit College Promise, without costing you anything.


Shop at Kroger and support The Detroit College Promise. 
Click here for more information.

Do You Sell on EBay?

The Detroit College Promise has teamed up with EBay, so that when you sell an item on EBay, you can designate a percentage of the sales price to support The Detroit College Promise, through their "Mission Fish" program.


Events We Attended

2 October 2010: We attended the Big House Big Heart Race Expo. The purpose of the expo was to inform attendees of the great things our non profits are doing.

3 October 2010: We participated in the Big House Big Heart event, both to get exercise and have fun, and raise money to support our scholarships.

9 October 2010: We attended the District Wide Parent Advisory Council, at  Douglass Academy.




Thank You for Believing!

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Klarman for their generous contribution.

Important Dates To Remember


December 1, 2010: This is the deadline for all current DPS high school students to register for our scholarship [K-8 students have until December 1 of their 9th grade year to register; sorry, it's too late if you already graduated].  Make sure all of your friends and relatives have registered.  To date, over 7,000 DPS students have registered - don't let anyone you know miss out!


January 1, 2011: This is the first day that the FAFSA financial aid form is available online for class of 2011 graduates at  DPS seniors should complete it as soon as possible.

January 15, 2011: This is the deadline for class of 2009 or 2010 graduates who did NOT send us paperwork for the Fall 2010-2011 college term to register with us to receive funds for the Winter term.  You must mail / fax / deliver both your scholarship acceptance form and the financial aid letter from the college you are attending to us by this date, if you want scholarship money from us (which is sent to the college and applied to your account).