31 January 2010

This is our monthly email about The Detroit College Promise, our nonprofit that will ultimately offer tuition scholarships to all graduates of the Detroit Public Schools to attend Michigan public colleges and universities.  We also offer other support and incentives to these students and their families to do well in high school and attend college

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Arise Detroit is a broad-based coalition of community groups, including The Detroit College Promise. Their mission is to launch a new wave of volunteerism for the many worthwhile programs and activities that help solve problems affecting the
Detroit community. They believe that everyone in the community can work together to affect change. Their goal is to unite the entire community, including nonprofit organizations, churches, schools, the business community and the media - in an unprecedented call to action. To join their mailing list, click here.  To learn more about Arise Detroit, visit http://www.arisedetroit.org.

Detroit Parent Network: This organization calls on parents to make
Detroit a better place to raise and educate children. Detroit Parent Network works to improve parental involvement in education by offering workshops, practical tools, written materials and leadership development, all designed to build a constituency of powerful parents for change. One of the many programs that they offer is Project Graduation, which aims to significantly increase high school graduation and college enrollment among at-risk students by creating a supportive and knowledgeable family environment. Parents are trained as academic advisors and guidance counselors for their children. The goals of the program are to help students succeed as they complete high school, navigate the college application process, manage the transition to higher education, learn about educational programs, receive resources and support services and encourage young people to take ownership of problems. For more information, please contact Christopher at 313-309-1460, or click here.

Model D Media:  This is a blog about
Detroit and what is happening in the community from development news to general buzz around the city.  Check it out at www.modeldmedia.com.


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Enroll in DPS - get a scholarship!  We urge all students interested in receiving our scholarship to enroll in DPS by next fall. Starting with the class of 2011, we will offer 400 scholarships, with at least 2 scholarships at all DPS high schools.  Within a few years, we plan to offer scholarships to all DPS graduates.  However, to be eligible, you must have been enrolled in DPS (and be a Detroit resident) either from the beginning of next fall or from the beginning of 9th grade, and continue through graduation.  More details are available in our Program Summary (click here).  

Write a letter of support for Cody's 9th grade students Write
We will shortly be announcing a campaign to have members of the community write letters of encouragement and support to 9th graders at Cody High School.  In the next month or two, we will hold a ceremony for these students and offer them their first college scholarships.  We will also give them donated items from local businesses and organizations, as well as letters of support from people like you.  The purpose of the letters is to show these students that other people believe in their future.  More details to follow.

We are trying to rebuild Detroit's residential population so it is a top 10 (in population) US city.  Besides our scholarships, which provide an incentive to live in Detroit, we have also targeted the Jewish community, which had a large Detroit population in the 1950's and 60's.  Our new website, www.MyJewishDetroit.com, lists existing Jewish institutions within Detroit.  We have also started a newsletter that will highlight monthly activities of Detroit based Jewish institutions or events within Detroit.  To subscribe to the newsletter, email subscribeMJD@gmail.com and indicate "send me MJD newsletter".

Thanks to Mrs. Eva Kuhn Packard for making a contribution designated for her
alma matter of Cooley High School.  As a result, we are adding additional scholarships for Cooley for the Class of 2011 and subsequent years. 

Thanks also to the
United Way of Southeast Michigan for their contribution, which will contribute to additional scholarships at Osborn High School.

You can support additional scholarships at a particular school with your contribution of $5 or more (click here for our Contribute page).  Just designate the name of the DPS high school on your check or in an email to DetroitCollegePromise@gmail.com.  For questions, please call us at 248/646-3269. 

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● Please contact us with any comments or suggestions at 248/646-3269 or fax: 248/646-3119.
● To volunteer to help, call Joy at 248/646-3269.