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21 April 2009

This is our monthly email discussing news relating to The Detroit College Promise.  Our scholarship program addresses what we believe to be the most important issue in the success of a school district - the number of parents who value education in a tangible way.  For school districts to improve, we need more parents who will work to improve their children’s education.  Our program uses the incentive of college scholarships to motivate parents and students.  We also help create a college bound atmosphere, and help reduce the financial barriers to college.


Our goal is to transform Detroit into a center of innovation and brainpower, by increasing the educational background of Detroiters, by providing incentives for young professionals with college aspirations for their children to move into Detroit, and by bringing new businesses into the region.



Welcome to Frederick Douglass High School staff and students:  We recently issued a news release (click here) announcing the expansion of our scholarship program to the Frederick Douglass College Preparatory High School in Detroit (click here for their DPS page).  Sean D. Vann, the Principal of Frederick Douglass, indicated that “The Detroit College Promise will be a valuable asset for students and staff.” 


Frederick Douglass is an all male high school within the Detroit Public Schools, at the site of the former Murray Wright High School (school images), at 2001 West Warren Avenue just west of Wayne State University (map).  It offers a college preparatory curriculum for young males, with an emphasis on mathematics, science, technology and leadership development. 



Today two high schools . . . tomorrow all DPS:  We are planning to expand our program to all DPS high schools within a few years.  Most likely, the next schools will be those in which school principals or funders have shown an interest.  We may have to delay the $500 per student award at these new schools until we have raised sufficient funds, which is taking longer than expected in this economic environment.  However, if the basics of the program are in place, it will be easy to add the scholarship awards as money becomes available.



Endowment Committee:  Do you have experience advising non-profits regarding investments?  We are looking for individuals to serve on our Endowment Committee to help develop policies for our endowment fund.  Contact Dr. Pernick if you might be interested.



Do you twitter?  Follow us at http://twitter.com/detroitcollege.



We're going green:  We are developing a simple online application that can be completed within a few minutes, to replace the current paper copy.  The user ID will be the student’s email address, which will be our main means of communicating.  Students will also be able to update personal information as it changes.


Besides helping the environment, we need to go digital because of the tremendous number of students we will soon be assisting.  Within a few years, we anticipate that our program will include 6,500 or more DPS graduates per year.  We hold data for 10 years, which means we are saving a lot of trees.



We’re working on the second 100 donors:  We now have our first 100 donors, and are starting on our next 100.  All donors are listed, in whatever manner they prefer, on our Donors page (click here).  We welcome your donation of $10, $25, $100 or any amount.  Click here to go directly to the Contribute page.  You can pay online by clicking on the Donate button, or pay by check by printing out our contribution forms.  For businesses that contribute $100 or more, we also post a link to their website.  Donations of $100 or more are also listed in our information packet.





Join our Facebook Group.  Just search for Detroit College Promise.  We will soon be adding pictures and discussion topics to this group.



FAFSA means what?  FAFSA is the online federal financial aid application that is the key to getting financial aid from the federal government, state governments, colleges and private scholarships.  The form becomes available online on January 1 each year, and the deadline is March 1.  After March 1, some scholarships will no longer be available.  It is a complicated form, and the Obama administration is thinking of simplifying it.  Until that happens, we provide assistance to DPS students and parents, and will be supplying a paper version in September, so students and parents have a few months of a head start before the online form appears.  It is worth the time to complete FAFSA - one Cody student is receiving $8600 in grants this year just by filling out this form.



Contact us:  Please contact us with any comments or suggestions.

Nat Pernick, M.D.
Executive Director
The Detroit College Promise
Telephone: 248/646-3269
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