26 February 2009




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Thank you for your support of The Detroit College Promise.  Our charity will ultimately provide tuition scholarships for all Detroit Public School graduates, and will improve the school system dramatically.  It will also transform Detroit into a prosperous center of brainpower as young professionals with college aspirations for their children move into Detroit and bring new businesses with them.


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Status:  We now have 130 scholarship applicants from Cody High School in Detroit, our pilot high school.  All will be eligible for our scholarship award for up to 10 years from graduation.  For the graduating class of 2009, we are paying $500 per year ($250 per semester) towards the balance due, if any, for undergraduate tuition and mandatory fees, after application of any Federal, State or college grants based on the federal financial aid (FAFSA) form. 


Future plans: We anticipate adding one or more high schools to our program in the summer of 2009, and expanding the program annually until it covers all DPS high schools.  We currently are meeting with interested principals and other support groups for particular high schools.  We estimate it will cost $2,500 per graduating senior to add a new high school, which will pay for the program for 2 years with a $1000 per year award.


Application process: We have simplified our application form, and plan to start online applications in the fall.  We no longer require a social security number or submission of transcripts.  However, we do require an email address for the student and a “concerned adult” who will make sure the student does what is necessary.  For the graduating classes of 2009 to 2012, our eligibility criteria are continuous enrollment at Cody High School and residency in Detroit, both from December 1, 2008 through graduation.  For graduating classes of 2013 and forward, the criteria are continuous enrollment at Cody High School and residency in Detroit from the first day of 9th grade through graduation. 


Donations: We received a donation of $5000 from the United Way for Southeastern Michigan, and have received numerous smaller donations from other businesses and individuals, as indicated on our Donors page (click here). 


We have now received our 501(c)(3) tax exempt designation from the Internal Revenue Service (click here for the letter). 


Fund raising: We are applying for grants from businesses and non-profits, now that we have our 501(c)(3) status.  We are also participating in parlor meetings, in which our supporters invite friends to an informal meeting to learn about our program.  Contact us for more information.


Our website will soon have a “contribute” button for online payments.  To pay by check, please fill in the form on our Contribute page by clicking here.


Presentations:  We have made presentations to the Cody 9th grade staff and at their award ceremony.  We have also made presentations to staff at the Cody upper school (10th to 12th grade) and at a financial aid seminar.


If you want to volunteer, or have any suggestions, please contact us.


-- Nat


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