18 November 2008




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Status:  Within a few weeks, we plan to announce the start of a pilot scholarship program at Frank Cody High School in Detroit for its 260 seniors (class of 2009).  We have met with their principal and assistant principal, who are enthusiastic about the program.  We do not yet have sufficient funds to fully pay for scholarships for the entire graduating class, but hope that the announcement will spur additional pledges so that we can fund as many scholarships as possible.  We also have some details to work out in the next few weeks.


Affiliations: We are currently working with the following organizations to make our program a success: Arise Detroit (networking and publicity), Communities in Schools (mentoring students), Detroit Public Schools (assisting in publicity, providing database to document DPS attendance), Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce (providing a board member and assisting with college tuition discounts) and the Skillman Foundation (Cody is one of their targeted high schools).


Media:  Channel 4 (WDIV) had two very positive segments about the Kalamazoo Promise.  The second mentioned us briefly.  Click here and here for the videos.  We appeared on Luther Keith’s Arise Detroit radio program on WCHB, AM 1200, on 16 November 2008.


Contributions: We currently have one prominent national organization that is willing to accept funds on our behalf.  We cannot ourselves accept contributions that would be tax deductible, because we do not yet have our tax exempt status, which may take several months more due to a backlog with the IRS.  This is why we are accepting pledges only.  In the interim, we are negotiating with several non-profit fiduciaries to handle the bookkeeping aspects for us of accepting contributions, sending thank you letters, and then either paying the funds to us when we get our tax exempt status, or paying the Colleges and Universities directly.  The tax exempt organization that is willing to do this charges a higher administrative fee than we would like, because they traditionally handle all aspects of the scholarship, not just the bookkeeping.  We are also pursuing other options that will be discussed in next month’s newsletter.


Those who want to make contributions for calendar year 2008 should contact Dr. Pernick directly at 248/646-3269.  Those who want to make pledges can send an email to NatPernick@Hotmail.com and indicate the amount of the pledge, and any payment terms.  A one year tuition scholarship costs an average of $5000, and we hope that businesses, organizations and philanthropists can pledge an amount to cover one or more scholarships.  However, pledges or contributions of any amount are helpful, because it is important to demonstrate community wide support for this program.  We would be happy to meet with you to discuss this further - just give me a call at 248/646-3269.


Please contact me with any questions or suggestions.


-- Nat


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