6 October 2008




This is our monthly email discussing news relating to The Detroit College Promise.  We also have an email list for Volunteers.  To subscribe or unsubscribe, email NatPernick@hotmail.com indicating subscribe / unsubscribe to DCP monthly email or Volunteers email.


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Status:  We would like to start the scholarship program at a pilot high school for this year’s seniors (graduating class of 2009), although this is contingent on raising $500,000 in pledges.  To date, we have raised $44,000 from 54 donors.  Our tentative pilot high schools are Cody or Osborn, working in conjunction with the Skillman Foundation.  Our main difficulties relate to our tax exempt status, which is pending.  We received an acknowledgement of our application from the Internal Revenue Service on 11 August 2008, but it typically takes 4-6 months to receive an official letter of approval.  Most non-profits, corporate foundations and many individuals will not support a program until it receives this letter, although there is no legal reason that they cannot make a pledge.  We did receive our charitable solicitation license from the State of Michigan Office of Attorney General.  If you are able to pledge support (or additional support), please email NatPernick@Hotmail.com indicating “I pledge $___ to DCP”, followed by your name.  We will not seek to collect on any pledges until we receive our tax exempt status from the IRS.


Other goals:  In addition to raising money for our pilot high school, we plan to obtain at least 1000 donors of $20 or more, to demonstrate widespread community support, and so a large number of Detroit-area residents feel a commitment to the success of the program.  We also want to have 1000 subscribers to this monthly email list, which will generate community enthusiasm for The Detroit College Promise.  Finally, we are obtaining endorsements from various public officials, businesses and individuals, in addition to those who are donating to the scholarship (click here to visit our Endorsements page).


Partnerships: Current partners include Communities in Schools (mentoring students), Detroit Public Schools (assisting in publicity, providing database to document DPS attendance), Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce (providing a board member and assisting with college tuition discounts) and the Skillman Foundation (we are planning to work with their targeted high schools).


Media:  There was a very nice article about our program in The Detroit Jewish News on 25 September 2008 (we are working on getting a link).  It is our belief that our program’s economic incentives and associated efforts to improve the Detroit Public Schools may herald the return to the City of Detroit of a substantial Jewish population, as well as members of other communities.


Miscellaneous:  We moved next door into larger offices, and have a new suite number and fax number.  We are also in the process of changing our logo.  One possibility is indicated above - let me know your comments.  The slogan, “You’ve got to believe”, has several meanings.  Students need to believe that they can be successful and go to college.  Parents need to believe that their children can succeed.  They also need to believe that they can make the schools better by attending conferences and talking to teachers, principals and school board members, as needed.  Finally, all metro Detroit residents, businesses and organizations need to believe that Detroit can have a great school system and be a great city once again. 


Please contact me with any questions or suggestions.


-- Nat


Nat Pernick, M.D.

Executive Director

The Detroit College Promise

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