Board of Directors and Advisory Board
Last revised 4 March 2015

Board of Directors

Sandra M. Hermanoff, President, Hermanoff Public Relations, appointed 3/29/12

Larry Imerman, appointed 3/11/14

Alvin Levett, Executive Director, University Budget, Eastern Michigan University - retired, reappointed 6/4/13

Justin R. Long, Assistant Professor, Wayne State University Law School, appointed 9/3/13

Nat Pernick, M.D., President,, Inc., reappointed 6/4/13

Karen P. Ridgeway, Superintendent of Academics, Detroit Public Schools, appointed 3/29/12

Claudette Y. Smith, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Sociology, Wayne State University, reappointed 1/7/15

Lora Weingarden, Assistant Prosecutor, Wayne County (child abuse section), reappointed 6/4/13

Neal F. Zalenko, Retired CPA and founding partner of Zalenko & Associates, P.C., appointed 3/11/14

Advisory Board

Leslie Andrews, Director of Community Relations and Corporate Partnerships, Rock Ventures LLC

Amy B. Colton, Ph.D., Executive Director, Learning Forward Michigan

Jon Davidson, Director of Admissions, University of Michigan-Flint

Deborah J. Faust, Director of Financial Aid, Lake Superior State University

Pamela W. Fowler, Executive Director, Office of Financial Aid, University of Michigan

Gabriela Garfield, Interim Senior Director, Office of Student Financial Aid, Wayne State University

Sherry Gay-Dagnogo, Education Chair, National Congress of Black Women, Greater Detroit Chapter

Austerine Hambrick, former Director, Office of Guidance & Counseling, Detroit Public Schools

Cindy Hermsen, Director of Financial Aid, Oakland University

Tyrone Jordan, Executive Assistant to the President for Detroit Outreach, Central Michigan University

Jodie Laraway, Assistant Director of Scholarships and Loans, Western Michigan University

Gabe Leland, Former Member, Michigan House of Representatives, District 10 (Detroit)

Douglas A. Levy, Director of Financial Aid, Macomb Community College

Frank McGhee, Program Director, Neighborhood Service Organization's Youth Initiatives Project

Nicole A. Merritt, Student Services Representative, Ferris State University

Ray E. Metz, Interim Vice Chancellor, University of Michigan-Dearborn

Regina M. Mosley, Director, Office of Financial Aid, Schoolcraft College

Wilma Porter, Director of Financial Assistance and Scholarships, Oakland County Community College

Michelle Rhodes, Director of Financial Aid, Grand Valley State University

Rick Shipman, Executive Director, Office of Financial Aid, Michigan State University

George Swan, Vice Chancellor, Wayne County Community College District

Cynthia Van Pelt, Interim Director of Financial Aid, Eastern Michigan University

Lori Vedder, Director of Financial Aid, University of Michigan-Flint

Jennifer Wallace, Outreach Manager, Financial Aid Programs - Michigan Education Trust (State of Michigan)

Julie L. Wilson, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, Central Michigan University