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The Detroit College Promise

As of July 1, 2015, we are a program of the Detroit Public Schools Foundation, who has started processing scholarships beginning with the 2016-17 college academic year, and will continue for future years. Please contact them at (313) 873-3414 or info@dpsfn.org.

We last processed scholarships for the 2015-16 college academic year. Click here for the names of the 183 students awarded scholarships, totaling $79,800. Click here for totals by high school and college / university.

For questions about the Detroit Promise Zone Scholarship, please click here. Despite the similarity in names, there is no overlap. Our program is for DPS students only. Dr. Pernick, the founder of the Detroit College Promise, strongly believes that the best way to create a strong Detroit is for Detroit parents to enroll their children in DPS, get as active as possible in Detroit Public Schools, and support the Detroit College Promise.

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Telephone: (248) 646-3269 • Facsimile (248) 646-3119 • DetroitCollegePromise@gmail.com